Essay writing books

Learning to Write

We quite often find ourselves engaged in writing or composing something. The purposes of writing can be various, ranging from a course paper to thesis. It is hard to imagine this world without a written standard. Simply speaking, the overall nature of writing makes us think again of how efficient we are in making texts. At every stage of the learning process, it is not hard to come across a course or a lesson requiring something to be written.

Some of us may have dreamt about being more professional in this. Knowing more about the process itself can make our lives much easier in many aspects. However, not everything is so simple. There are some obstacles that do not let us be perfect in writing:

  • Lack of time dedicated to writing,
  • Lack of strong will and perseverance,
  • Lack of talent and diligence,
  • Lack of motivation,
  • Lack of proper resources.

As you see, problems exist but it doesn’t mean that they are not solvable. As a cliché saying goes, everything is in our hands.

Essay writing books

About Fluency & Accuracy

There has been an ongoing debate over what is more important: fluency or accuracy. In many essay writing books, you can come across these notions. Of course, at college, both of them are very important, especially in assessing the papers of the students. A fluent text provides a good paper to read. As a reader, one can really enjoy the paper. Our structuring and content are very important things for writing. However, if a paper is flooded with errors and mistakes, then joyful reading can turn into something of an unpleasant experience.

A good writer is someone who can handle both accuracy and fluency. Your paper should look good without mistakes. But at the same time, you should convey your ideas to the reader. The balanced approach can contribute to your writing to a great extent.

About Cohesion & Coherence

These concepts are more technical to such a process. However, they are the two components that would determine to what extent your paper is worth of a good grade, or at least, worth reading and spending time on it. Thus, you should be aware of these notions. Coherence is the way your paper follows your ideas and doesn’t puzzle the readers. It is something close to fluency. Here, it is very important to combine sentences and paragraphs semantically and logically.

Cohesion, on the other hand, is something the makes your paper look grammatically and syntactically correct. This is a look at your paper through the lenses of proper use of punctuation, transitions, grammar, etc. Especially, this is an important factor in proofreading.

Practice Makes Perfect

Again, this would sound cliche, yet this is true. The more you are engaged in the process, the more prolific and proficient you can become. To know many good and chic words is not enough. To be brilliant at grammar and syntax is not enough either. This is like cooking something good. You have ingredients, but it requires your experience to prepare something decent and edible. This is the case with writing as well. With some regular time dedicated you can gain a lot of experience.

What you can do is just making a habit of writing on a daily basis. Your time spent on this can really pay off within a short time. After some time, you will see how progressively you are moving in this. All your ingredients will turn into something great.


All in all, your time management and practice can make a great deal for you. Knowing the main principles of writing is another important step in becoming good at something. So, you better know that writing about globalization, you cannot describe how crocodiles spend their time. And while writing on a good topic, you cannot have a ‘lame’ paper replete of mistakes.

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Published: 2019-11-20

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