I don't want to do my homework

Why Is Writing Difficult?

“I don’t want to do my homework”. You have thought this quite a lot of times, haven’t you? Of course, being a student means to write a lot of papers or assignments. It happens not so rarely that you don’t have an idea of how to progress with your paper and you just get stuck. Challenging papers do exist, and unfortunately, at the end of the course, we are not actually surprised at the low grades received due to your assignment. There are many reasons contributing to the hardships of writing, and the stress all this writing can entail can be dire indeed.

The Reasons

So why is it difficult to write? A single answer to this question doesn’t exist, but there can be actually several ones. Generally, while being a student, we struggle to write a text meant to serve several purposes. For example, one purpose can be getting a good grade to increase the marks and receive a scholarship or tuition fees discount. Another purpose can be just fulfilling a particular requirement so that you can get something different rather than grade itself. So, the purposes can be various, but it still doesn’t change the fact that writing is a demanding task.

First of all, the basic reason is to understand what you are being asked of. According to some researches made on campuses, students confess that the main reason for getting low grades for their written work is just not understanding the requirements. So, perhaps one of the main challenges is just to get and comprehend all you need to do. Maybe to understand what you are asked of is a small but very important step in completing your assignment.

I don't want to do my homework

The second reason can be time. By saying “time”, we think it’s important to take focus on two factors: time management and the deadline. The former is the main problem of the students, especially freshmen. Every student passes through some period when he or she has difficulties doing everything on time. Thus, the more the student is good at time management, the more time he has for doing what he is supposed to do. The latter factor is the deadline set by professors. Here, the main problem is that somehow there can be several papers due at very close dates. It begins to stress out students and they get depressed thinking about how to keep up with the deadline.

Thirdly, a number of students are struggling with their papers because almost all of these assignments require research skills. To do research is not as easy as it may seem. It is not just googling info and jotting it down. A research skill requires:

  • thorough reading and analyzing,
  • source selection,
  • peer-reviewed articles and journals,
  • data gathering and synthesis,
  • annotation and note-taking.

The fourth reason is about being careful about your writing that should be plagiarism-free. That is, your paper should be properly cited and should include a reference list if required. Thus, writing is a combination of your own thoughts and external information, so this process should run smoothly; otherwise, no matter how perfectly you have written your paper, the slightest hint to plagiarism - and you get an “F” for your paper.

The last reason which is the simplest one is being inexperienced in writing. This happens quite often. Not having written enough before, a student just doesn’t know how to write and spends a lot of time making brainstorms or brief outlines on how he or she could proceed.


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Published: 2019-09-26

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