Phd coursework


If you don’t want your essay to tell you ‘I will be back’ then make sure your paper is checked fully and properly. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to checking. So, it does not matter whether you are taking an undergraduate or PhD coursework since you should always check your paper. Even if you are writing something academic, you should always check the simplest things in your paper. Writing process is a tiring thing because a lot of energy and time is required for this process, yet completing some tasks or assignments is not everything needed to do.

To make a paper look decent and nice to read, you should know how to check it thoroughly. Thanks to the modern technology of writing, your paper’s major spelling mistakes are corrected automatically, of course, if you are not writing an exam with pen and paper. However, the main problem would be grammar and punctuation. So, let’s start with the grammar.

Checking the Grammar

Avoiding Incoordination of Subject & Verb

One of the main problems concerning the structure of the sentences would be SVA (subject-verb agreement). If your subject is plural, then make sure that its main verb is plural as well.

Phd coursework

Incorrect example: People coming from that region is not satisfied with local administration.

Correct example: People coming from that region are not satisfied with local administration.


The use of proper tenses is another important factor. There are many problems that occur with tenses. Generally, the articles would use one tense rather than combining them. The more you are consistent with tenses, the better it looks.

Proper Articles

The use of articles is another important issue regarding your paper. Especially, it is very critical when it comes to the use of indefinite article a/an. First of all, remember to use them with a countable noun. Secondly, these articles are used with only singular nouns.

Pronouns Matter

The other important stuff to look at is how properly you use the pronouns. This is very important in terms of how you manage them. The problem here is that they can cause some ambiguity to the precursor they are referring to.

Checking the Punctuation

There is one thing more to add to your checking, which is punctuation. In fact, many of us do mistakes regarding the use of commas, stops, apostrophes, etc. It is very important to check how efficiently you have used your punctuation marks.

Check Your Commas

There are many things that require commas. So, there is a list of common places where the use of the comma is a must:

Conjunction: Since she was lazy, she used to lie on the sofa.

Oxford Comma: I have met John, Mathew, and Mike.

Coordinating Conjunction: She called me yesterday, yet I was not in the mood of talking.

Relative Clause: She failed her exams, which made us sad.

Check Your Colons & Semicolons

Actually, these marks are not very popular and can be easily replaced by some kind of expression or conjunction. Still, in case you have used them, please check whether you used them correctly.

Colon: John wants to attend courses: Literature, Composition, and Linguistics.

Semicolon: She visited us yesterday; it was a friendly visit.

Checking the Vocabulary

The words you employ for your paper are important. The choice of your words is important. You have to be careful with the pair of words you have chosen. Collocations, chunks, and other types of vocabulary are vital for your paper. Moreover, it is important what type of style you have preferred in your article. The formal one is more preferred than the others.


Of course, these are basic things to look at. In case your paper is bigger and more academic, then there are more things to check like referencing, structure, etc. If you have problems with checking your paper or not sure about the quality of your work, then why don’t you apply to our company of custom writing. We are the professionals who really know how to check your paper.

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