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At all levels of our education, we do face the process known as writing. The higher you fly, the more you are to write. It takes a long journey before you can be a postgrad having a chance to finish a dissertation. Suppose you are the one to complete the dissertation, this would mean that you successfully finished a Master’s Degree implying that your path of academician does continue. However, the journey can be more complicated here. Being a doctorate student, you now plunge into the world of researching along with everything related to it.

Your dissertation writing process will take about three years to complete. When you are done, you are given a degree. However, those three years will not be easy as one may expect. Still, you should know that you will not have to attend exhausting lessons all the time, and generally, your lessons will be flexibly arranged. Thus, your whole time will be dedicated to the research and writing process.

What Is A Dissertation?

Being a postgraduate student, you are obliged to submit a paper with the research done in order to defend your thesis so that you can receive a particular degree in a specific field. But it is not just a compilation of facts and cited resources. That can be ok with undergrads but not when you are higher in level. There are some important things to keep in mind before starting the process of writing:

Psychology dissertation help
  • Your paper should bring something new in theory or practice,
  • It is supposed to avoid some known or cliché facts,
  • It is supposed to have something interesting for readers,
  • It is supposed to have a proper outline,
  • It is supposed to include citations and other reliable references,
  • It is supposed to be error-free and proper in style.

So, it is of great importance that you be aware of how the dissertation is supposed to be written. Thus, before you commence writing, you better know more about the process of making a dissertation.

The Structure of Dissertation

Dealing with quite burdensome work, you ought to keep in mind that your writing is strictly structured as an academic paper. A conventional way of writing this type of paper means you have to write a book like paper consisting of the main five parts.

Introduction: it is a part of your dissertation where you first catch the attention of the reader. You introduce your written work. Also, it is worth mentioning that here you introduce your main points of this paper - a thesis argumentation.

Review of Literature: it is something like an annotated bibliography. You do research, so you have to read a lot of materials. So, any idea or thought coming not from your mind is

originated from a particular source. Thus, sources are important, and here you mention them and how they contributed to your paper.

Methodology: one of the most interesting parts of dissertations. Here, you present how your research was done and how you have made your findings. Here, you apply primary and secondary methodologies. It can be a lab report or some kind of survey.

Findings: the part where you come up with your findings or the results of your research. You just write what your readings and other sources led to. This is the most important part in terms of the interesting outcomes of your paper. For the reader, it would be interesting to know what you were able to find out with your research.

Conclusion: a finishing part of the essay. It would be wrong to say that this part is not meaningful in your paper. However, if you do a perfect conclusion, it can be a good part of a dissertation. As many would agree, not every research is complete and perfect. There might be a lot of implications for future research as well. This is a part where you mention this to the readers.

To sum up, it is important to know that the process of writing a dissertation is a bit complicated and not easy for everyone. If there is a postgraduate student needing psychology dissertation help, then there is always a service of custom writing. So, no matter what your major profile might be, there is always someone to help you, and this someone can be our company.

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Published: 2019-12-16

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