Teaching essay writing

Teaching Students to Write

Have you attended the courses of writing something? Perhaps, you may have experienced something like that. At any level of your education, you might have encountered or attended something relevant to writing. For example, you should have attended a ‘Critical Skill’ or ‘Critical Thinking’ courses. Also, there are some other courses intended for writing skills.

Any teacher would admit that teaching essay writing or other relevant stuff is not an easy job to do. First of all, it is important to know that such skill as writing is not acquired fast. It takes time for teachers, who are supposed to know their material, to be understood by their students.

A Bit About Skills

In teaching English or other languages, the first thing to keep in mind that the subject relates to the basic four skills. Two of them are receptive ones. In other words, they incorporate the part of the brain which is responsible for understanding and comprehending. Those are reading and listening. Our brain needs to understand what you are reading and comprehend what you are listening to. The other two are the productive skills. Here, as the name may suggest, you are to produce what is kept in your mind. They are writing and speaking. Here, your brain tries to come up with something to create a communicative means, be it talking to someone or conveying your thoughts.

Teaching essay writing

In terms of gaining skills, teachers play a very important role since they are those who choose appropriate material, enhance the learning process, arrange everything needed for their lessons and so on. In other words, teachers are those magicians who do white magic to form the people who will later contribute something meaningful to this world.

Techniques for Developing A Good Writing Skill

So, if your role is teaching students, and one of your goals is to make students write better, more efficiently, and productively, then you should know how to do that. There are versatile means of doing that. There are many techniques that can be employed in this process. There are some of them:

  • Rewriting exercises,
  • Keeping diaries,
  • Keeping notes and jotting down everything,
  • Reading essay samples,
  • Reading newspapers and other magazines,
  • Choosing a good book for essays,
  • Practicing writing daily,
  • Analyzing the mistakes of students.

Actually, there are many other good techniques to employ. You are not limited to these. Of course, you ought to know about the preferences of the students. There are many individual traits of the student according to which you must choose your techniques. You better get to know your students and determine their level, cultural backgrounds, their skills, etc. The closer you know your students, the better your experience as a teacher would be.


All in all, being a teacher is not something that everyone can do. However, if you are a teacher and a gifted one, then your students are the luckiest. You can be a modern or old-school teacher, yet you can do everything to help your students write in a perfect manner. With a cautious approach, doing your best to create distinctive writers. The more passionate teacher a student meets, the more of gifted students are able to graduate to become competent specialists and go out into this world.

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Published: 2019-12-30

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