Writing the essay NYU

Important Things About Admission Essay

If you are about to graduate from your high school, you know how important it is to find a university and pass all needed entrance exams. However, besides passing exams, there is always something that you better not miss - the admission essay. This is very vital in the aspect that not only your grades convince the admission office of a particular university, but also it is expected that your essay would contribute to it. So, as you may have guessed, an admission essay is not something you write to get a grade for, but it is something that would pave a way to your future.

Have you ever written such a paper? If yes, then you know how difficult it can be for someone since it is not just a combination of sentences with good grammar, but it is something that would create an impression that you are a student worth being accepted and being a part of the university community. For example, if you are writing an essay NYU or some other universities would read, you should be prepared to present yourself as committed to your own goals and ambitions and as someone deserving a decent education to a become a valuable member of the society.

Some Important Notes to Keep In Mind

First of all, you must bear in mind that you are not supposed to be Bruce Wayne in order to impress your readers. Or you are not supposed to have lived a life full of feats so that every reader would say “Wow” reading your paper. One golden rule is to be sincere and honest. This is important. Do not forget that people reading your paper are humans like you.

Writing the essay NYU

Moreover, never make up a story and play on emotions. Your readers are professionals and know where they are supposed to be unbiased and cynical. You are about to impress your readers not make them cry or laugh. Thus, there is no need for the invented story of your life. Do not dramatize, but be persuasive. In other words, your essay can be simply written but simultaneously effective in persuasive.

Another advice regarding the admission essays is that you should read more essays on the same profile. The more you delve into this, the better idea of how to do that you will have. As many would agree, to know what you are supposed to write is a task that is half done. It would be great to spend some time reading good essays to be aware of how this should look like. There are many good essays that can be used as examples. However, try to avoid plagiarism and imitating the written samples.

Also, it is very critical that you avoid confusing your readers. It happens quite often that you start writing something, at the beginning focusing on something particular, but ending up with something different.

  • Your writing should be interesting but not too diversified,
  • Your writing should not be deviant from the topic,
  • You should intrigue your reader,
  • You should make your reader feel sympathy or empathy,
  • You should try to convince your reader,
  • You should finally conclude your paper,
  • You have to have logic and reasoning.

As the last to mention, you better not overwrite. No matter how interestingly you can write, you should know the limits. You can catch someone’s attention easily, yet to keep this attention for a long time is not a good approach. If you are concise and laconic, then you are doing a great job.


One small paper for a bigger purpose is something that can define the grade of admission essay. This is a paper with a particular structure and with one particular aim: make admission office accept you as their student. It is a kind of essay where your persuasive skills can play an important role. However, if you have doubts about your paper or you are just not sure about how persuasive it is, there is always our custom writing service that can help you with that.

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Published: 2020-01-15

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